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Kami no te Scans

https://www.facebook.com/KaminoTeScans Ángeles surgidos de las tinieblas dispuestos a traerles la mejor calidad en mangas. 0


http://kurasuchi.tumblr.com/ 0

Kurokishi Scans

http://kurokishiscans.wordpress.com/ We're a Latin scanlation. (translate to spanish) If you're from an English Scanlation we...


http://kobatochandaisuki.wordpress.com Please check our blog for further releases or translator notes. Check it once, check it twice... 0


http://kpohum.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-post.html One man group with releases quality: Readable. Please has no hope when the next chapter out and p... 0

Kimagure Scans

On a whim. 0




http://vk.com/club_translator 0

Kanau Fansub

http://kanaufansub.wordpress.com/ 0

Kisu Kissmanga Scans (Kisu KMS)

http://kisu.kissmanga.com/ -- New Series Every Month (@_@)-- Looking for New Translators Every week (o_o)-- Releasing a few...

Kidu Scans

http://kiduscans.tumblr.com Only group can upload (joints included)

Kazoku Team

http://kazokucentral.net/forum 0

Kurai Sora Fansub

http://ksoranofansub.blogspot.com.br/ 0

KuroUsagi Translations

http://kurousagi-translations.tumblr.com/ The bunnies who love shoujo manga, shoujo manga and did we already say shoujo manga? Currently tr... 0


http://kurousagi-translations.tumblr.com/ KuroUsagi are the bunnies who love shoujo manga, shoujo manga and did we already say shoujo manga... 0




http://kanjiku.net Manga Scanlation in German and English

KIIS Scansubs

http://www.kiis.com.br/scansubs Aqui é o seu lugar! Animes e mangás de fã para fãs com qualidade e carinho! 0

Kimchicrackers Team

24 hours


http://kamikorosu.com 24 hours

Koisei Scans

http://koisei.com.br/ Grupo de tradução de mangás dos gêneros Shoujo, Shounen e Yaoi.

KKOW!! Portal

http://kkowportal.altervista.org/blog/ This group is working on KKOW!! italian translation. 48 hours

Kyobona Scan

http://kyobona.blogspot.fr/ French scantrad from english scans. 0

Knightkeb Projects

http://knightkeb.blogspot.mx/ De fans para Fans 0

Kaori No Fansub



French Scanlation Group

Kotatsu Scans

http://kotatsuscans.tumblr.com/ 0

Kyoudai no Fansub

http://www.kyoudainofansub.com/ 0


http://kamoscans.oureview.it/ Il KamoScans è un gruppo di persone interno ad OUReview che si occupa di reperire,tradurre,editar... more than 42

Kako Ima Mirai

http://kakoimamirai.wordpress.com/ Solo project. Just something I do in my free time, so don't expect many releases. Sorry! 0

Killing Goods Scans

http://killing-goog.net/Portal/ Somos un Grupo nuevo de escalation queremos comenzar con grandes mangas pues es lo que a mas nos...

The Kingdom Hearts Translation Project!



inactive 0

Kokoro Nin-Nin



http://kingudamu.fr/ Scanlation Kingdom Manga. 0



Knights of Allegory

http://koa.bdip.pl Polish scanlation team. 0

Kusuo's Scanlations

http://kusuoscans.wordpress.com/ Inativo.

Koizora Fansub

http://k-fansub.blogspot.com.ar/ Fansub dedicado a Mangas Shojo.Apoya a la autora comprando su obra original, una vez que salga a... 0

Kumiho Scans

Kumiho Scans è un nuovo gruppo che si occupa di tradurre in italiano webcomics coreani. 0

Kaosu Buntai Creative Division

http://kbcreativedivision.blogspot.sg/ Inactive Group 0


http://kaminofansub.blogspot.com/ Me encargare de brindar Manga en español en una buena calidad en imagen y traducción.Búsquenos e... 0

KiYo Translation


Kirei Cake

http://kireicake.com/ Uploads only by staff, unless one week has already passed (because this probably means we were too lazy to upload)


http://kumoris.blogspot.jp/ Scanlating whatever the hell I want to. I mean....if that's okay with you.... Contact me at k...

Kurosaki-Vizard no Fansub

http://kurosaki-vizard.blogspot.mx/ 0

Kurosaki-Vizard no Fansub

http://kurosaki-vizard.blogspot.mx/ 0

Kurosaki-vizard no Fansub

http://kurosaki-vizard.blogspot.mx/ 0

Kuflu Manga Grubu

http://www.kuflu.com/kuflu-manga-cetesi/ 0

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    French translation group for Tower of God
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    لترجمة المانغا إلى العربية AMS فريقمنذ عام 2010باب الانضمام للفريق مفتوح دائما*
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    traduccion de mangas shonen y shojo nuestros projectos son: Gakuen Alice, K ~Memory of red~, Kami...
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    We are an irc-based scanlation group.Now looking for cleaners and redrawers. Visit us at #viscans...
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    A group dedicated to awesome manga and webtoons, and always looking for dedicated staffs :)
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    Originated from Trollscans, a branch of XscansX
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  • 红莲汉化组
    Chinese scanlating groupEnglish meaning: Red Lotus
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    Where you get your daily drug IRC: #Vortex@IRCHighway.net
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