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CAT Scans

http://www.catscans.WordPress.com (New group under construction) Are you mad about manga? Then you've come to the right place... 1 hour

Comic Walker

Kadokawa's manga app. Do not upload!


http://chocoleeto.tumblr.com/ 0

Çevirgeç EAL Fansub

http://cevirgeceal.wix.com/cevirgec 0

Cicada Scans

http://cicada-translation.tumblr.com We're a group that's translating "The Lying Cicada who Hated the Blue Sky" manga,... 0



Chou Tensei Scanlation - 蝶転生 スカレーション

http://www.choutensei.tk Spanish Scanlation with best of qualities. Bad translation's enemies. Scanlation en castellan... 0

蝶転生 スカレーション - Chou Tensei Scanlation

http://www.choutensei.esy.es/ Spanish Scanlation with best of qualities. Bad translation's enemies. Scanlation en castellan... 0

Cuervo Sudamericano Scan

http://www.cuervoss.tk Scan nuevo, con ganas de aportar :)

Cinnet Fansub&Manga

http://cinnetfansub.wordpress.com/ Means 'lunacy'.Had been translating 9 years -

Cats on Mars

http://ccatsonmars.blogspot.com.tr/ Mars'tan gelen çeviri. 0

Chibi Chibi Fansub

http://www.chibi-fansub.com/ Traducimos novelas ligeras, mangas y CD dramas a español.
Disfruten de su lectura.

Colorpiece Fansub

http://colorpiecefansub.blogspot.com Fansub dedicado a One Piece a color y en español 0

Country of Clocks

http://harroe.tumblr.com/ This group has one consistent member with several volunteers who come and go as they please. Many... 0


http://c2team.wordpress.com/ A Vietnamese Group 0

Café con Lenin

http://cafeconlenin.wordpress.com 0

Chocolate Love


Cyberia Brasil Mangás

http://www.cyberiabr.net Grupo brasileiro de tradução de mangás para o português. Atualmente descontinuado e fechado, incl... 0

Chikitani Scans

LQ Trans + Scans. Just to update webtoons that I feel should be updated, but aren't coming ou... 0

Chocobo Productions

http://vnsharing.net/forum/showthread.php?t=629053 Vietnamese group. 0

Cerberus Chihuahua

Mon and schizo's supposedly horror martial arts manga group. irc://irc.highway.net/cerberuschihuahua 0


http://cherrymanga.ru/ Russian retranslation group

Countless Time


Cross Dressing Channel

http://goezvxwfjygekqbapg-isjphyi-bg8daa.blogspot.com/ A group of fans who love cross-dressing and everything about it.From manga to real life.We focus... Cross Dressing will upload them.


http://triplesevenscans.blogspot.com/ Helping out in translating HantsuXTrash so it can be read in english. 3 days

Cheonsa Translations

http://cheonsatranslations.blogspot.com/ A group dedicated to Webtoons! 0

Canis Major Scanlation

http://cm-scans.tumblr.com/ A group that dedicating ourselves to release more yaoi manga. 0


http://cometscans.wordpress.com/ A translation team that originated from /a/ and /m/.If you need to reach them, message ChiPsiUp h... 0

Casual Mangas

http://casualmangas.blogspot.com/ This is a group for people who casually want to release a chapter on their own or help someone el... 0

Copperfield Fansub

http://copperfield-blog.blogspot.com/ Fansub personal con publicaciones esporadicas de mangas 0


Inactive group


http://cocobees.livejournal.com/ 0

Croatoa Scans

Conexão Diária Scans

http://www.cdscans.com.br/ Mangás e Manhwas em português dos mais variados gêneros e idades xD. 0


http://cherryrainbowscans.tumblr.com/ CherryRainbowScans è un gruppo nato il 28/07/13 0

Conexão Nanquim

http://www.conexaonanquim.com.br A brazilian indie magazine. 0

Clero Fire Tanos

Grupo Inactivo 0

Crudele Rubrica

http://crudelerubrica.blogspot.it/ An Italian group, specialized in yaoi and doujinshi 0

Crimson Sky

We scanlate video game adaptation manga that has not and will not be released in English outside... 0

C-Side Cafe

http://www.seaofnumbers.com/index.php We are a new group originating from former anime/manga subbing and streaming site Instantz/Inpfor... 0

Claymore Lover

claymore in spanish 0

CLAMP Hitsuzen Fansub

http://clamphitsuzen.wordpress.com Fansub dedicado a los trabajos de CLAMP, especialmente xxxHOLiC Rei, aquí podrás encontrarlos tot... Sólo miembros del grupo pueden actualizar bajo el nombre de éste Fansub.

# The Comix Translator

http://thecomixtranslator.tumblr.com A one man "group". Translations made for the sake of my fellow countrymen!Pt-BR Trans...


http://closetspaces.blogspot.com/ Subpar Chinese to English translator doing Yaoi stuff for fun. I'll post DL link on Manga Tra... 0


http://tgmangas.xeraweb.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2201 Mostly translates gender bender H-manga.http://www.batoto.net/forums/user/62723-chilla/http://www... 0

Ciel Scans

http://cielscans.wordpress.com A new group translating both shounen and shoujo projects. 0


http://chirikalovesjill.tumblr.com/ 0

Crazy Kouzu Scanlations

http://crazy-kouzu.tumblr.com Specializing in BL manga and doujinshi translations. 0

Chocobanana Scanlations

http://chocobananascans.tumblr.com/ Chocobanana Scanlations is a scanlation group dedicated solely to scanlating Kimi to Boku by Hott...


http://chikiscans.com/ looking for Korean translators.
apply at chikiscans@gmail.com

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