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What's up with the Hairy Titan and other lingering mysteries....SPOILERS EVERYWHERE

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#1 Rava


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Posted 16 February 2013 - 12:07 AM

After that last chapter I went back and reread the whole series and I think there are some important questions from way way back in the very beginning that still have not been even slightly answered. Considering the fact that the author was dropping hints even back then about the stuff that's happening right now, I'm not willing to think that they mean nothing.....


#2 littlefish59


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Posted 22 February 2013 - 11:54 PM

It's definitely deepening the mystery, but the one about what that injection was for was answered I believe in one of the later chapters where eren's father says it's for memory erasure. Also Riener and Berholdt wouldnt know about other titans plans since radio tech clearly doesnt exist in this world and they'd likely not have a way to communicate. Also Reiner clearly has come to care about the people he trained with which is why Berholdt comments on how he's changed i.e. he's no longer a "warrior". this may be one of the reasons why Reiner doesn't want him to think about it, at the end of the latest chapter Reiner is obviously seriously conflicted about his mission while Bernholdt just wants to go home.

I also wonder if the looks on Reiner and Bernholdt's faces when they saw the hairy titan wasn't surprise as in "What the hell is that?" but surprise as in "What's he doing here?". Also you raise a really good point about why the Titans (other than Annie, Reiner and Bernholdt for obvious reasons) have no knowledge of the 3D gear or why the human/titans didn't make a move in a whole century, which brings us back to why there are titans in the wall? also is this really the final city of humanity? we have only the very sheltered (from the outside world) perspectives of the human characters to vouch for that. I'm predicting (with no certainty) that we discover that eren's father is indeed a human/titan who turned his son into a weapon against the other titans after the death of his wife.

Also that old guy who saves eren and mikasa at the beginning (Heinmann?) mentions early on in the series that a disease was ravaging the city and almost killed his wife, until erens father turned up with the antibody. Maybe a biowarfare attempt by the titans (also the reason why direct attack was not undertaken) and erens father opposed it and betrayed the titans over its use.

I'm kinda hoping we see the titans side of things cause I'm extremely curious about their perspective on all this and I also hope that eren wakes the f***k up and treats Mikasa better, but thats just me since Mikasa is my fav character so far

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#3 Rava


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Posted 25 February 2013 - 06:04 AM

I'm still curious about that injection. Clearly it caused him to have problems with his memory, but if that was all it did, then what did Eren know that he needed so much to forget? Or was it ALSO the catalyst for his ability to transform? I know that there's no way to know the answer to these questions right now, though. IF, as many people think, Eren's dad is also a shifter, then why did Eren need that injection? Is it possible that the purpose of it was to REPRESS his ability? That would certainly explain why it took so long for him to transform for the first time: once he starts doing it, he gains a healing ability he didn't seem to have before, and sometimes he partially transforms randomly. It obviously has nothing to do with weather his life is in danger or not, since in one instance he was just trying to pick up a spoon and happened to have an injured hand at the time. And age also obviously doesn't matter, since Bertholdt and Reiner are about Eren's age and seem to have been able to transform for many years.

Really the thing I'm the most curious about though is that first scene when little boy Eren was crying. What the hell was up with that?

#4 Efre


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Posted 25 February 2013 - 06:15 PM

I think the first scene's purpose was to show something flashy in the beginning of the series, somehow of a little intro. But still something feel fishy about it.

Now did you read ch18.5? It clearly state PEOPLE OF YMIR..!! Ymir? Isn't this the girl who escaped with Historia? Is she their queen? princess? No way this is a coincindence, since it was revealed she was a titan.

Regarding the Hairy Titan, he looks similar to that old guy in the cult who worship the wall. He didn't seem to be afraid of dying too. And from what we've seen, all the titans look similar to their human counterpart.

#5 tut_01


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Posted 03 March 2013 - 12:36 AM

Finally successfully made an account. Seriously this whole capache security businiess for this site is ridiculious. Anyways here's my views of some of the mysteries from the OP

"First of all, the very first chapter, we see some scouts out in the woods fighting a titan, and then strangely we cut to Eren who has apparently been napping for quite some time, and then after he wakes up he starts crying. We still have no idea what the hell that was all about, nor do we really know what Eren was injected with. WAS it that injection that gave him the power to transform? Or did he always have that power and the injection did something else?"

I've reread the 1st chapter and image wise it looked as if the scout was zooming in at 1st person perspective based on how the knife is positioned to look as if it's attacking the viewer, then shortly after, Eren wakes up and found himself crying. My guess is he was dreaming and remembering the days when he was a titan and crying from what the scout said directly at him, before attacking (him) and felt pained by his dilemma where he's a titan but actually fighting for the humans existence even though the scout views him as a monster. As for the injection here's a few of my guesses: a sedative to make him sleep while his dad disappears?, make him forget his memories when he was a roaming titan?, activate the titan gene that's dormant for all humans ?. I'm leaning more on assumption to activate a dormant gene in humans theory.

"Also, when they were all in training together, it seemed that the guy who was in command knew one of Eren's parents. But he didn't seem to ever say anything to Eren about this fact. Why? Who was that guy?"

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Eren's dad was a well known doc that frequents towns. So there's a good chance he goes about injecting people with shots (fits into how Mira or whatever her name is background)... possibly for experimentation for the height or resilliency of a titan. So either, Ryner and Bertholdt IS working for Eren's dad or that they're trying to capture Eren's dad and anything retaining to other titans that's not with their group to prevent other humans finding more about the Titans as a whole.

"And I mean then there is this whole business with the Hairy Titan. When it was announced that wall Rose had been breached, Ryner and Bertholdt were as shocked as everyone else: of course at the time that made perfect sense, but in retrospect, it's kind of strange, because it indicates that they didn't know about the Hairy Titan's plans. Also the Hairy Titan didn't seem to know anything at all about humans, since he was so completely puzzled by the 3-d gear. So the obvious conclusion is that they are definitely not working together, or at least they are not aware of each-other's plans. But, the Hairy Titan's actions did result in Ryner and Bertholdt being in a good position to get Eren over the wall...so what kind of scheming is really going on here?"

The reason why both Ryner and Bertholdt surprise might indicate that the Titans (dumbed down version with no intellect and possibly ) are actually evolving to be smarter and more powerful - ability to activate the titan genes of dormant humans?... Ok let me start over; the background story involves the human race being very much like ours; encompassing the entire world ( Mira background fits in her as she's the only remainsing asian race) but at some point in the industrial era (canned goods, steam power, machines, etc.) people got infected with the titans gene as a natures way for curbing the over population of humand kind. The majority of the human race changed into stupid mindless creatures that craves human flesh while leaving the entire animal alone to flourish, while those that didn't change flee to build tall walls, and only a small handful of the human population gained the titans power while remained human and can thus shapeshift at will. Not wanting the human specias to die out a few of those handful shapeshifters decided to help and save the humans while the other few decided to ally with the titans to wipe out the humans.Those that are pro humans are Eren and his dad were the ones that helped build the walls, and others that are pro titan are Annie, Ryner and Bertholdt infiltrated humans to find a better way of destroying the wall within, and finally the ones that aren't in either side are the ones like Ymir that serves themselves. Ymir at some point was on the pro titan side and tried to kill the humans but mistakenly killed one of her own that's infiltrating the human race (Ryner and Bertholdt friend as shown in one of their flash back) and was disillusioned on what she's supposed to do untill she met Historia. Boy this is getting long... Historia family probably are the few, besides the religious sect that knows about the shapeshifters involvment for the remaining mankind as much was lost before the walls were finally made. So that about sums up everything so far. XD

"Why did they wait 100 years and then send just three children to smash up the wall in just one place?"

There's probably way too few of the pro titan force to mount an all out attack on the human fortress, so all they can do is make holes at the walls for the low intellect titans to come through.Besides the majority of the lesser titans can't climb. The three by themselves know that they don't have enough stamina to destroy the remaining humans without dying (annie/titan arc establish they have a finite amount of power before getting too tired or can't regenerate fast enough)

#6 Rava


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Posted 04 March 2013 - 08:17 PM

those are certainly some interesting ideas.

On the officer who helped train Eren: it's true that many people knew Eren's dad. But it's notable that the officer uses his first name. "Your son has become a soldier, Grisha" is not the kind of thing you think about the son of some random notable person who you maybe met a few times: it's the kind of thing you would say about the son of someone you knew personally. But Eren doesn't seem to know this guy at all as anything but their commanding officer, and as far as we know, he never said anything to Eren about being friends with his father. I just find it to be another instance of something sort of weird that was left unexplained.

#7 crazy dog

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 09:07 AM

i don't think Eren was a giant from the beginning , after his mom died , his dad got crazier and tested his experiment on him. i think probably his dad had an idea that those giants were experimented on by humans. it doesn't look like all humans can control the power and even among them they vary in the amount of power they can summon, and those people want the power in Eren, the other guy look like they are trained, some of them can harden their skin, they can even control the regenerative power, and even control the other mindless giants. but the guy can transform and control his power (not to their extent yet) without any training or help. and it looks like there is another group of giants outside the walls ( maybe the ones who drove humans to hide ) that hairy giant looks like a monkey giant lol but he had intelligence

#8 MidoriKitzune


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 07:57 PM

Nice toughts in here~


Gonna be great to get more info from the manga soon ^^.