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Sumikko no Sora-san

Alt Names: alt すみっこの空さんalt 角落里的小空alt Petite philosophie
Author: TANA Kanoka
Artist: TANA Kanoka
Genres: Shounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: This follows the story of a boy who has returned to his family's home in the country after failing to make his dreams come true. He thinks his way through his predicament with the company of his pet turtle, Platon. More complications arise in the form of a neighborhood kid Sora, who has, for some reason, decided that he is God.
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Ch.1: God
chapterone KidCongo 24 April 2012 - 06:17 PM


So a group called "chapterone" put out chapter one.  I wonder if a group called "chaptertwo" will ever make an appearance?

I like the turtle the most.
also, the quote right at the end about god was very interesting to think about
Oh my Great Teacher Socrates, this is amazing! So cute. So . . . wise.
As a side note, I think there's clever stuff going on here. The turtle and his box and then escaping into the wider world has to be a reference to Plato's Cave.
Damn this is cute.
/Tana Kanoka fangirls

This is her ongoing series atm, three volumes and counting :3 It's completely awesome <3
"Your pet bird is dead." I couldn't help mentally adding, "And Santa is your parents."
Well well well, Greek philosopher turtles and adorable little kids calling people God. This is going to be interesting. And we know its going to be a fun and lighthearted series, too. Any series that narrates from the perspective of a turtle is bound to be amusing.
No yeah it's also super adorable.
Sora is so Adorable!!! Posted Image
Pretty interesting read. Philosophy segments are shown from the pet turtle's perspective which is kinda cute really.

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