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Alt Names: alt 大剑alt クレイモアalt 猎魔战记alt 클레이모어alt Kureimoaalt Mắt Bạc
Author: Yagi Norihiro
Artist: Yagi Norihiro
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureDrama DramaFantasy FantasyHorror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: In a world where monsters called Yoma prey on humans and live among them in disguise, humanity's only hope is a new breed of warrior known as Claymores. Half human, half monster, these silver-eyed slayers possess supernatural strength, but are condemned to fight their savage impulses or lose their humanity completely.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.27 Ch.152: Chemarea sorţii
Shinobi-Fansub ShinobiTeam 2 weeks ago
Vol.27 Ch.152: La Llamada del Destino
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 4 weeks ago
Vol.27 Ch.152: El Final se Acerca
The Green Blood Project firsttimer33332004 4 weeks ago
Vol.27 Ch.151: Rangul fără egal
Shinobi-Fansub Stark96 04 June 2014 - 02:05 PM
Vol.27 Ch.151: El Título Sin Igual
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 08 June 2014 - 08:31 AM
Vol.27 Ch.150: Întoarcerea ei
Shinobi-Fansub Stark96 11 May 2014 - 02:59 PM
Vol.27 Ch.150: Escena 150 - El Retorno de la Espada
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 29 April 2014 - 08:37 PM
Vol.26 Ch.149: Desde el Abismo del Recuerdo
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 04 April 2014 - 04:50 PM
Vol.26 Ch.148: La Espada Del Más Allá
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 02 March 2014 - 08:54 PM
Vol.26 Ch.147: Instant Sword Flash
MiB Goral 22 February 2014 - 05:57 AM
Vol.26 Ch.147: El Destello Fugaz de una Espada
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 02 February 2014 - 01:06 AM
Vol.26 Ch.146: El Sustento del Débil
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 30 December 2013 - 10:09 PM
Vol.26 Ch.145: El Precio de la Esperanza
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 01 December 2013 - 06:12 AM
Vol.26 Ch.144: Final Reunion
MiB Goral 04 November 2013 - 05:41 AM
Vol.26 Ch.144: Encontrándose de nuevo en el fin de los tiempos
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 03 November 2013 - 03:36 AM
Vol.25 Ch.143: The Bond Left Behind
MiB Goral 01 December 2013 - 07:48 AM
Vol.25 Ch.143: Los Lazos Dejados Atrás
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 01 October 2013 - 11:31 PM
Vol.25 Ch.142: Magic
MiB Goral 07 September 2013 - 11:56 AM
Vol.25 Ch.142: Magia
MiB Goral 18 September 2013 - 03:42 PM
Vol.25 Ch.142: Hechizo
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 01 September 2013 - 07:17 AM
Vol.25 Ch.141: The Urge Towards Darkness
MiB Goral 07 August 2013 - 06:24 AM
Vol.25 Ch.141: Impuls w stronę ciemności.
MiB Goral 26 August 2013 - 06:26 PM
Vol.25 Ch.141: Impulso Hacia la Oscuridad
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 02 August 2013 - 03:23 AM
Vol.25 Ch.140: Sword of Purity
MiB Goral 05 July 2013 - 12:33 PM
Vol.25 Ch.140: Miecz niewinności.
MiB Goral 17 July 2013 - 03:07 PM
Vol.25 Ch.140: La Daga Pura y al Desnudo
Claymore Lover firsttimer33332004 02 July 2013 - 05:41 PM
Vol.25 Ch.140: Una Pura y Desnuda Hoja
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 02 July 2013 - 07:51 AM
Vol.25 Ch.139: The Holy City of Annihilation
MiB Goral 04 June 2013 - 06:52 AM
Vol.25 Ch.139: Zagłada Świętego Miasta
MiB Goral 11 June 2013 - 08:00 AM
Vol.25 Ch.139: La Aniquilación de la Ciudad Sagrada
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 03 June 2013 - 04:05 AM
Vol.25 Ch.138: The Exposed Face
MiB Goral 08 May 2013 - 04:59 AM
Vol.25 Ch.138: Odkryta twarz.
MiB Goral 12 May 2013 - 12:39 PM
Vol.25 Ch.138: La Verdadera Intención que es Expuesta
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 19 May 2013 - 03:58 AM [A]
Vol.24 Ch.137: And Her Name Is...
MiB Goral 05 April 2013 - 10:39 AM
Vol.24 Ch.137: A jej imię brzmi...
MiB Goral 16 April 2013 - 05:09 AM
Vol.24 Ch.137: El Nombre de esa Persona
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 19 May 2013 - 03:54 AM [A]
Vol.24 Ch.136: Gnawing Malice v2
MiB Goral 05 March 2013 - 04:53 PM
Vol.24 Ch.136: Kąsająca nienawiść
MiB Goral 19 March 2013 - 08:41 AM
Vol.24 Ch.136: La Devoradora Maliciosa
WorldAnime Fansub Soujiro 02 March 2013 - 04:14 AM
Vol.24 Ch.135: The Eyelid's Memory
MiB Goral 03 February 2013 - 08:23 PM
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Vol.1 Ch.4: Siyah Kart
Mnaki alazi 11 July 2012 - 06:28 AM [A]
Vol.1 Ch.3: Witch's Memory
Inane Departure 14 October 2011 - 06:11 PM
Ch.3: Memoria de Bruja.
Utopia M-Hario 12 November 2011 - 03:09 AM
Vol.1 Ch.3: Bir Cadının Anısı
Mnaki alazi 11 July 2012 - 06:20 AM [A]
Vol.1 Ch.2: The Claw From The Sky
Inane Departure 14 October 2011 - 06:08 PM
Ch.2: Las garras del cielo.
Utopia M-Hario 12 November 2011 - 03:08 AM
Vol.1 Ch.2: Gökyüzündeki Pençeler
Mnaki alazi 11 July 2012 - 06:14 AM [A]
Vol.1 Ch.1: The Silver-eyed Killer
Inane Departure 14 October 2011 - 06:06 PM
Ch.1: La asesina de ojos plateados.
Utopia M-Hario 12 November 2011 - 03:08 AM
Vol.1 Ch.1: Gümüş Gözlü Katil
Mnaki alazi 11 July 2012 - 06:11 AM [A]


The end is coming, it seems.


The end is coming, it seems.

It's announced that Claymore has surpassed printing 8,000,000 copies.


So, you like this author huh? How about you read this other work by the author  http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/angel-densetsu-r460  it is perhaps one of the greatest works on paper ever conceived.

It's been a month already. WTF Japan.


EDIT: The raw is finally out.

It's not Japan-it's just that the groups don't post the chapters on batoto. Try Mangreader. We're up to chapter 151 right now. Time for a Teresa curb-stomping!

It's been a month already. WTF Japan.


EDIT: The raw is finally out.

Volume 26 cover:


Prepare your anus Priscilla...

It's awesome that Teresa's back, but at the same time it's kind of weird^^

YES YEEEEEEES! sexy teresa is here <3 game over

everyone pack your bags..

Teresaaa :3



I've waited FOREVER for this to happen!

BEHOLD!!! Mother Teresa is Coming.....


This month is going to feel like 3 I swear...

Guess it's not yet updated here but 149 is out now.


Either way god damn Priscilla is one annoying -bleep-. Friggin' killed almost everyone and now absorbed them?


Claire c'mon step up your game!

BEHOLD!!! Mother Teresa is Coming.....

There won't be MiB version of chapters 145 and 146 since Gernot won't trasnalte them. It will probably be the same for chapter 148. This could change if enough people would show interest in his version but from what I've seen most readers read whichever version comes out first.

For those looking for 145 & 146 they can be found at http://mangastream.com/manga/claymore for now.

God. She just refuses to stay dead...

...I should have thought of that. Of course, Pricilla's weakness is psychological. She is essentially a psychopath, everyone but herself are just objects to her, so she forgets about her enemies if she thinks they are beaten.

I was about to "like" your post when I read this:


This is one of the reasons why Claymore has took a nose dive. Years ago Yagi didn't really care what his readers thought and killed off even the most liked characters (Teresa or Jean for example). Now he reads comments "I don't care if everyone dies, just leave Raki/Miria/Deneve/XYZ alive" and this is what happens.


And honestly, saying that with Miria it's fine (when her fake death was the most far-fetched of all) is just stupid. I hope I don't have to explain why.

What I meant was, that she leaves behind after images, so when it looks like she was wounded but isn't, there's at least a plausible excuse. 


I am most certainly not opposed to main/popular/favourite characters dying.

Damn, got trolled... THis chapter came out like 3 weeks ago.. thought I was gonna see Raki get husky with it.

Lol, no way a main(?) character like that is going to be killed off that easily..

Since he is the main cause for Claire's weakening i really wanted him to die back then

Priscilla never really was the villain I guess. A mad person hardly is responsible for his/her actions.

Now guys, lets read Rakis long ass sentences aloud. How many times you would chop off her head during this?



Anyway I feel kinda annoyed how utterly boring villain Priscilla is. It is like she doesn't give a shit for years. Good thing that Organization filled pants of bad guys or we would have nothing left for the plot.



Skip three chapters ahead. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

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